Meeting Change

As announced earlier, the March Keystone Meeting has been moved back one week to Wednesday March 25. Due to the travel restrictions put in place yesterday on European passengers, our scheduled demonstrators Hans and Jacob Weissflog, are now unable to get to the United States, so they will not be demonstrating. We are in the process of finding another demonstration for the March Meeting which will still be held on Wednesday March 25.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will we have a March Meeting?

  • Yes, we are currently planning on having the March meeting on Wednesday March 25 as previously announced. No more rescheduling is currently planned for this month.

Who should attend the March Meeting?

  • All healthy members are invited to come to discuss woodturning with fellow Keystoners.

Should members that are not feeling well or are infected with the Corona Virus attend the March meeting?

  • No. All members not feeling well are encouraged to stay home and sip tea, soup, wine or bourbon and turn something to show and tell at the next meeting they are well enough to attend.

Is there any good news?

  • Yes. Did you know you could save 15% or more in 15 minutes by switching to Geico?

Is this the last update we will receive before the March Meeting?

  • I doubt it. Stay tuned and go wash your hands.