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August Demonstration


August Demonstration
Michael Alguire will be providing a remote demo of his amazing Wheels of Delicacy (Meeting Details are below). 

Michael Alguire is a native New Mexican, born in Albuquerque. His art has flourished to intricate wood turned hollow forms, including bowls, vases and abstract art pieces like basket illusions and more intricate pieces called “Wheels of Delicacy.”

Michael’s 15 years as a Machinist at the Very Large Array has helped him understand the mechanical aspects of his art. With no formal training in the Fine Arts field, Michael’s creativity comes from within. His inspiration comes simply from seeing a piece of wood in its raw state and imaging the possibilities.

Michael’s work is getting quite positive response lately.  He was scheduled to be a demonstrator in Louisville before the symposium went virtual.  Some of you may know that Michael’s work is in the renowned collection of Joe Seltzer … pretty good company to be in.

The link to the zoom meeting will be emailed out the day before