January 2019

There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday January the 9th at 7pm.
Any member may attend.

Next Meeting, Wednesday, 
January 16th, 2018 @ 7:00PM

This Month’s Agenda:

Welcome: Doug Davis,
President Keystone Woodturners
Brief notes of interest to all members.

Joe McCann – Spoon Carving

Show and Tell

Bring in your latest turned item and tell the members about it.  Wood type, finish, and any challenges you had with the piece are of interest to us all.  We all enjoy hearing about our members’ turned items. And seeing what you’ve accomplished often gives the rest of us ideas to try as well.


Have something that you no longer need, use, or that’s just cluttering-up your shop (or maybe your liquor cabinet?)  Bring it in for the raffle!  Surely, someone will see its value just the way you once did.


Presidents Challenge!!!


First quarter 2019 Presidents Challenge!

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation,  a non-profit historical organization near Newtown Square, to whom the Club has offered help in the past, had a 250 year Sycamore tree fall during the last storm.  The fallen tree has prevented safe access to the Plantation entrance and resulted in the closing the site for several weeks.   In addition to the loss of revenue,  the substantial tree removal cost has severely strained their budget and their Director has asked if the Keystone Woodturners could help in some way.  The Plantation would like to offer bowls we’ve made from the wood of this historic tree to twenty or so of their largest donors as they solicit funds from the community to help cover the costs of the tree’s removal. Use your imagination,  bowl, hollow form, vase, or box the Plantation will use our donations in some form to off set the cost of the tree removal.   Your turned Sycamore items will be due April 2019.


With the approval of the Keystone Woodturners’ Board, it’s been decided that we will provide turned bowls from the fallen tree as a Presidents Challenge for the Spring of 2019.  The wood, in the form of pre-split logs, will be distributed at the next two meetings and our members, we hope, will rough-turn the wood, allow it to dry, and finish-turn in late spring.  The bowls will be collected at a spring meeting devoted to comparing the creativity, forms, and uniqueness of our members’ talents, all using the same wood. The finished bowls will then be presented to the Plantation for them to distribute to their major donors. As mentioned at the October meeting Jennifer Green, director of the Farm, will provide a one day pass for four to all who donate a Sycamore item 


Larry Soma was kind enough to pick up for members a few more Sycamore logs from the downed historic tree at the Pennsylvania Plantation (logs which we understand are already lightly spalted) and will truck them to the January meeting.  Anyone interested in obtaining wood from this tree in order to meet our Summer Challenge should arrive early and look for the wood on the ground near the shop entrance.  We’ll try to have help available to get the wood into your trunk if required, just ask Tom Sell or Bob Antonishak.

If anyone has several pieces of the Colonial plantation wood that they will not be using for the challenge, please bring a piece back to share with other members.
Even little scraps that can be turned into bottle stoppers!

As winter approaches, just a reminder for you to check our facebook page for weather related cancellations.

If we get lots of snow this winter, parking can be an issue at Joes so you may need to park at the Seven Stars and shuttle in.

Club Membership Updates


Dues for the 2019 calendar year are overdue. Club Dues remain at $ 20 with a special family rate of $ 30. Dues can be paid at the regular Club meetings to Gary Johnson Treasurer Keystone Woodturners. Dues can be paid in cash or check, with checks addressed to Keystone Woodturners.

4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Woodturning symposium

Registration  will open on February 1st.

Please join us for the 4th Annual Woodturning symposium
on October 4th-6th 

Featuring these great demonstrators.
Mike Hosaluk
Trent Bosch
Dixie Biggs
Nick Cook
Graeme Pridle
Melissa Engler
Mark Sfirri

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