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  • We are saddened to announce the sudden passing of James Bewley on Saturday, November 20, 2021.

    Thoughts on our friend, Jim Bewley By Les Bailey

    Jim Bewley was my friend , a talented woodturner and an active member of the Keystone Woodturners of Pennsylvania. Our club met at the Chester County VoTech school, at member Dave Souza’s house, in Douglassville, and for the last ten years at the shop of Joe McCann in East Vincent Township on Hallman Mill Rd. Jim was with us regardless where we turned and Keystone was better with Jim as our member.

    Jim was always willing to share his time, talents and his timber. If you needed a piece of cherry wood, or box elder, or white oak, and he had some in his stock, you were offered a piece or two. He never failed to bring items which he turned to our club’s ” Show and Tell ” at each monthly meeting. He took great pride in making sure the pieces he showed were excellent in turning and unique in design. Jim was a master of bringing color to his work. His ” Tell” aspect of showing his work was always very thorough. He would explain just how he created the design, turned the piece and how he finished it. He always showed joy at the turned object and also much joy in letting us discover the technique he brought to each work of art.

    When Jim signed on to make miniature bird houses for Longwood Gardens- and he made over 600, I believe, he gave the club a wonderful demonstration. He shared just how he mass produced them. He showed the jigs he used to make the houses uniform and to lessen the drudgery of repetitive turning. He was always happy to share and happy to answer all questions, no matter how dumb my questions were!

    Keystone turners have lost a fine member and a good friend to all. As president he always helped me and most others by bringing his love of turning to our meetings. Jim’s sense of humor was always obvious. Always serious about encouraging excellence in turning, he shared stories of when and where he ” messed up” a bowl or had to redo a roof on a bird house because he made a rookie mistake himself. He was a great teacher because he didn’t let his ego get in the way of his desire to share not only his work but also his love the craft.

    Jim was a fine man who shared his skill willingly even though he suffered much pain in his back during the past years. He was a kind and generous friend and member who will be missed very much.

    With sincere appreciation for knowing Jim Bewley.


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