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Keystone Wood Auction

Keystone Wood Auction

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 at Dave’s

Auction begins at 6pm – arrive early to preview.

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From Log to Bowl

We start at 7 but you may arrive early and get situated. There is a park right next to Dave’s with a huge parking lot. Please use it.

By David Souza

Friends, neighbors, fellow chip makers,

After high level conferences, discussions with NSA types, a face to face with NASA administrators, and NWS, we are a go for tonight! 

I seem to remember that someone invented waterproof footwear and rain slickers/jackets.  The grass will be wet, perhaps even a bit squishy.  C’est la Vie-C’est la guerre.

Dave has planned a nice, very informative demo for us.  We will learn about how to identify logs, how to address logs(mam, sir, woody), how to discern the most useful bits from the detritus.  We will chat about saws and how to use them.  Dave plans to have a tree identification segment using the trees on his property as props.  See what I did there?  We may even get to watch Karl do something.  Besides fall down-like he did a few years ago throwing a frisbee. 

So, bring a folding chair, just in case, a rain jacket to keep the mist at bay, and wear sturdy waterproof shoes/boots.  We will have show and tell in the shop after the demo.  The bonfire may, or may not, alight.
Park in the parking lot next door.  There are breaks in the fence to get into Dave’s yard.

Remember to bring a bit of cash for the symposium ticket raffle.


P.s. if a log could dance, would it be log-a-rhythmic?

April 17, 2023,  387 Hallman Mill Road, Phoenixville

Not Your Basic Pen – Barry Gross

With over 30 years of varied experience working in several diverse media, Barry Gross is an artisan who enjoys creating his fine writing instruments!  He is an artisan who is inspired by nature and the rich textures of all the distinctive exotic materials he utilizes to create his one-of-a-kind fine writing instruments. His ongoing curiosity to discover more and diverse materials to create his unique pens is a driving force behind what inspires his creativity.

Future Meetings

May – David Souza “Log to Lathe” at Souza shop. Note: This is an off site meeting and will be held at David Souza’s shop. Check back soon for address and time.

June – Auction, at Souza shop

July – Dan Zobel

August – Joan Lech

Sept – TBD

October – Bob Z, Ornament

September – TBD

December – Holiday Party

Past Meetings

March 20, 2024, 387 Hallman Mill Road, Phoenixville

Turning an End Grain Box – Mike Kuterbach

Keystone member, Mike Kuterbach will demonstrate turning an end grain box. A box is a great project for those who have mastered “bumps on a stick”. It requires a minimal number of tools – roughing gouge, spindle gouge, parting tool and a round nose scraper. Mike will cover wood selection, design considerations, shaping the outside, hollowing the inside and fitting the lid. He will also show a quick and easy finish for small projects. Mike is a fabulous demonstrator, Even experienced turners will pick up some tricks from Mike’s demo.

February 21st, 7pm 

Working with Dye

387 Hallman Mill Road, Phoenixville

Woodturners know that natural wood is beautiful. Wood dyes are an easy way to accentuate that beauty. Keystone member Jim Kelly will demonstrate how to successfully use wood dyes to take your turnings to a new level, and highlight the natural beauty in your woodturning. 
A group of four vases and bowls on display.

We will have our annual gift exchange so turn something great and bring it along. IT MUST FIT IN A STANDARD LUNCH BAG!  If you can’t find one, we have a bunch at the shop. Bring your gift and bag it in the back room! Then put it on the table. 

A group of four vases and bowls on display.

Brian Maguire will demonstrate Patina Finishes at our monthly meeting November 15, 2023 at 7pm.  Brian achieves unusual and beautiful finishes and will share his techniques so you try them too.

All are welcome.  If you are new to Keystone be sure to introduce yourself at the welcome table near the door when you arrive.

A group of four vases and bowls on display.

Janie is a craftsperson who works professionally in the design and modern production of retail home goods and furniture, while keeping one foot firmly rooted in woodturning and hand-crafted world, believing that we need both in good design. She has exhibited and done residences widely, at institutions such as the Center for Art in Wood, Arrowmont School, and American Association of Woodturners. She holds a BA in architecture from the Cooper Union, and MA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and began teaching in 2020. She currently lives in Philadelphia, where she also works as part time faculty in the Fine Woodworking department at Bucks County Community College.


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