Keystone Woodturners


Keystone Woodturners is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. We share the purpose of providing education and information to those interested in woodturning. The Club was founded in 1996 and has grown to over 60 members. We meet monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. Check out the other tabs on this website for examples of what we and our members have been doing and for other information about the Club.

Our September Meeting will be held on Wednesday September 16, 2015

Prior to the meeting, beginning at 6 PM, a  Turning into Fall Wood Sale will be held. Our Wood Procurement Team has assembled  a treasure-trove of interesting logs…hard maple, soft maple, birch, black locust, hackberry,  cherry and walnut  all waiting patiently to be turned by you into beautiful bowls or other items.  Before these logs become useless firewood, we want to move them from Joe’s shop into your car’s trunk.  All you have to do is arrive early for the August meeting (gates open at 6:00 PM), pick out the logs you like, and our highly trained team of chainsaw artists will pull the logs you choose, split them for you and trim the ends!  We will then hand-truck your purchase directly to your car and help you put the wood into your trunk.  All this for a ridiculously low price.

Show and Tell President’s Challenge  Regular Meeting starts 7 PM

This month’s Show and Tell will be limited to Beads of Courage bowls for the Presidents Challenge to give us more time for the Battle Tops Competition. Come and see what the bowls  look like and how they are made. Next month the bowls are due, and our Beads of Courage Team has promised 24 bowls to two hospitals.

Battle Tops

Our Battle Tops Competition will be held at the meeting. The competition will start with sign in, weighing and measuring of the tops, and then the competition will begin. Only Club Members may compete but everyone is invited to watch the competition.

Battle tops 2 Battle Tops


We meet at Joe McCann’s shop  His shop is located behind his house at:

387 Hallman Mill Road
Phoenixville 19460.

Visitors are welcome, so if you have an interest in woodturning, come on out to our next meeting and check us out! If you come, bring a folding chair. If you have any questions, please contact:

Bob Zrebiec – Keystone Secretary at